Corporate Farming Companies

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Corporate Farming Companies

Corporate Farming Companies in Chennai

Corporate Farming is generally described as the corporate intrusion into the agricultural sector for the purpose of upscaling and expansion of food and food related products on a large scale. Corporate Farming doesn’t only focus on the production of food but is inclusive of all the aspects right from accumulation of the seed for the crop production to its marketing and distribution. Agribusiness is not limited to the plant products but also to livestock. While traditional agriculture commonly associated with small family owned activity it often arises a common misconception that corporate Farming is wholly company owned. Corporate Farming doesn’t necessarily mean actual production of crops or cultivation of livestock it could just contribute to the production by supplying seeds or fertilizer for crops or other necessary products for rearing animals. It is often seen that most of the agribusiness is family owned but at a large scale.

Corporate Farming Companies provides two types

Contract Farming

Where the company supplies for the materials need for the production and the farmers are responsible for cultivation aftermath which the company takes the responsibility of marketing and distribution of the produces.

Company Owned Farming

Where the company is responsible for everything form supply to distribution.Corporate farming although much widespread in other parts of the world especially in USA is the new face of agriculture in India. With its view of modifying the technology used right from the first step of farming to the last step will definitely stabilise the unorganised practice. Like any other private owned sector even Corporate farming poses a as threat for local farmers and it also affects the local markets. Corporate farming distributes the produce to chain markets at a lower price and pulling larger mass as a consumer base that creates an imbalance where in local markets the traditional agro produces have to be sold either at high price or at very nominal price either way affecting the farmers. But inspite that corporate farming ensures high quality crop yielding and poultry rearing through its privatized modes and introduction of modern technology to decreased wastage in of foods by proper storing methods. Hence corporate farming is the way to go when it comes to agribusiness.

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